Commendable effort by PHS

In celebration of its 111th anniversary, the Penang Hindu Sabah (PHS) will plant 111 trees on Penang Hill.

The non-government organization (NGO) will embark on the project dubbed “1 Tree, 1 Life”.

The program is supported by the Penang State Environmental EXCO, Penang Hill Corporation, Forestry Department of Penang, and Penang Island City Council.

Present at a launching ceremony in Komar was State Exco for Environment and Welfare YB Phee Boon Poh, PHS president M. Kirubanandan, secretary, Arvind Poobalan, Penang Hill Corporation general manager, Datuk Cheok Lay Lean among others.

The 1 Tree, 1 Life: 111 Tree Planting Program aims to foster environmental conservation and sustainable practices by planting 111 trees on Penang Hill, a cherished natural heritage site. 

This is in line with the recognition of Penang Hill as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site since September 15, 2021 under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.

This event, scheduled on September 30, 2023, will bring together sponsors, donors, and participants to contribute towards the greening of Penang and ensure a better future for generations to come.

The program offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to actively participate in the preservation of Penang’s ecosystem. Each tree planted during the event will carry a personalized plaque featuring the name of the respective sponsor, donor or participant.

This symbolic gesture allows individuals to leave a lasting legacy in the form of a thriving tree, which will continue to provide numerous benefits to the environment and the community for years to come.

PHS also invites sponsors, donors, and participants from all backgrounds and communities to join hands in this noble cause. By contributing RM1,000 per tree, individuals and organizations can make a significant impact in restoring and conserving Penang’s natural beauty.

Funds raised through this initiative will be utilized to support ongoing environmental conservation projects, including habitat restoration and awareness campaigns.

This program not only allows PHS to honour their organization’s long-standing commitment to the community but also provides an avenue for individuals and organizations to actively contribute towards a greener and more sustainable Penang in line with Penang 2030 vision.

They also express their gratitude to the Penang State Environmental Exco, Penang Hill Corporation, Forestry Department of Penang, and Penang Island City Council for their support to this program. Their collaboration reinforces the shared vision of creating a harmonious and environmentally conscious society.

In the meantime, they would like to thank Shan Poornam Metal Sdn. Bhd. for being the main sponsor of the event. This is part of their continuous CSR program for the community in general.

To become a sponsor, donor, or participant in the 1 Tree, 1 Life: 111 Tree Planting Program, contact Shivaneash at 012-510-0916.