A high-end luxury cruise ship – “MS The World” carrying some 106 elite class passengers made its way to the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal earlier this afternoon. 

The passengers on board are actually owners of the rooms / apartments on the cruise ship.

They were showered with cultural performances upon their arrival in Penang and unique Penang-made souvenirs were distributed that serve as en emblematic of Penang’s rich heritage and timeless allure.

The ship has a large lobby, deli and grocery store, a boutique, fitness center, billiard room, golf simulator and putting greens, tennis court, jogging track, spa, swimming pool, and cocktail lounges.

There are six restaurants for dining that supplement the kitchens or kitchenettes in most of the residences. For on-board entertainment there is a movie theater, library and music performances. In addition to shore excursions, various classes have been offered on board. The World provides internet access in each residence.

State Exco for Tourism and Creative Economy YB Wong Hon Wai made the announcement to introduce “MS The World” visit to Penang’s cruise terminal.

“MS The World” is a floating utopia reserved solely for the elite class, serving as a lavish retreat for highly net worth individuals and their families as it sails across the world’s seas”. he said.

This extraordinary vessel that houses 165 ultra-luxurious apartments arrived at Penang on May 12 May, 2024 after it departed from its last port of call at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand and before its departure to the next port of call, Langkawi. 

The cruise ship will depart on Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

Penang is abuzz with excitement as this momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for Penang as it solidifies its position as a premier destination for luxury maritime travel.

The arrival of the cruise ship marks a milestone and significant endorsement of the SPCT for attracting ever more cruise ships to Penang.

“Penang stands out as a prime destination for cruise liners traversing the region. Serving as a key port city in this area, the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal in George Town showcases Penang’s dedication to providing world-class facilities and services tailored to cruise tourists. 

“With the recent completion of the terminal’s expansion, its capacity has been notably boosted, now capable of hosting up to two quantum-size cruise ships and accommodating 12,000 passengers.

“The terminal offers tourists immediate access to an UNESCO World Heritage Site upon disembarkation, providing a captivating introduction to Penang. Guests on this cruise will immediately be greeted by the mesmerizing scenes of Penang upon their arrival right out of their balcony. 

“Meanwhile, nature lovers will find much to discover in the other UNESCO accreditation side: Penang Hill UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The 12,481-hectare reserve includes the 130-million-year-old rainforest of Penang Hill which is older than the approximately 55-million-year-old Amazon Rainforest, the Penang Botanic Gardens, and the coastal and marine ecosystems of Penang National Park.

“The diverse array of products in Penang ensures that every traveler, whether a history enthusiast, culinary aficionado, or nature lover, finds something to delight in within Penang’s rich tapestry of offerings.

“As Penang commemorates these exceptional accomplishments and milestones, it remains resolute in its dedication to highlighting the vibrant cultural legacy, varied attractions, and genuine hospitality that characterize Penang as an essential destination to explore. While Penang evolves and flourishes, it stays grounded in its origins, extending a warm welcome to visitors from all corners to discover the enchantment and charm of this captivating locale”, added Wong.

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