YB Sim Tze Tzin

The Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru YB Sim Tze Tzin has called on the Penang State Government to look into the feasibility of setting up of a desalination plant to overcome the dependence of water supplies.

Sim said in the statement that lining up short term, mid term and long term measures are crucial to overcome the water issues currently faced by residents, factories, businesses and the corporate sector  

“The Penang State Government must ensure water security for the state.

“Penang has the highest usage of water in Malaysia. We use 303 liter per capita per day. (Singapore 151 lcd, Selangor 235 lcd ). Penang is a water stressed state. Penang consumes 1260 million liter per day (MLD). In 2030, PBA ” it will increase to 1483 MLD

“Eighty percent of our water source comes from one single river – Sungai Muda at about 1000 MLD. This is alarming.

“Our current water resources are unable to meet 1483 MLD by 2030. Something has to be done,” said Sim in his statement  

Among his short term solutions include – Conserve water – Penangites must reduce water usage. We must change our water usage habits and reduce the national average of 210 liter per capita per day. 2. Penang state must complete Sungai Perak Water Scheme agreement with Perak State as soon as possible.

His midterm solutions involve, – 1) Diversify water resources – Penang must invest into water infrastructure. The Sungai Kerian Treatment Plant project should be implemented to supply 100 MLD to Seberang Perai Selatan.

Penang must complete Mengkuang Dam water withdrawal pipeline project to complete its original plan of 1000 MLD. PBA must come up with a plan to resolve water supply to Daerah Barat Daya Penang, for its growing population and high water demand in high tech industries. 

Finally, among the long term plans are 1) Sungai Perak Water Scheme is crucial to ensure future water supply. 2) The Penang State Government should also explore possibilities to build the first Desalination Plant in Malaysia. 

“This will ensure Penang will not over reliance on water sources from other states. Penang must work towards water independence and water sovereignty. 

Setting up desalination plants were frowned upon due to their heavy investment but a quick check shows that even our neighbours like Singapore, The Philippines along with Australia, India and China in the region have already invested in these plants., 

With new technologies in the desalination industry, costs have come down drastically. An investment starting from now will go a long way to benefit future generations.

Work on pipeline and valves underway