By V. Sivaji

The oldest members club in Penang, The Penang Club celebrated its Festival of Lights gathering with the attendance of more than 200 guests yesterday evening.

Members and guests from all walks of life lended support to the gala event.

They were served with a fine range of dishes ranging from biryani, mutton chicken, beehoon, sweet Indian desserts and the best of it all, good camaraderie.

Club president Dato Malkit Singh and his committee were on hand to welcome their guests.

The gathering also saw the rendition of old school songs for the entertainment pleasure of guests.

Some of the guests also won gifts during the Q&A session.

As the merry making continued, staff of the club ensured that everyone had a good time and enjoyed the annual get-together.

The Penang Club established in 1868, also holds such gatherings for all of the major festivals and celebrations in the country.

Staff members of Penang Club stepping out in style