The Light Hotel Penang’s Hokkein mee

By V. Sivaji

It is a known fact that Penang is a food haven for street and hawker fare.

Now, a local hotel seems to have perfected the art of making a great Hokkein Mee. 

Chefs at the Light Hotel Penang have put out their version of the popular dish to rival any hawker stall.

Led by Chef Hamizi Hamid and his team, the Hokkein Mee is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet spread. They are also available for private events upon request

“We only use fresh ingredients like bean sprouts, kangkong, fish balls, fish cake, prawns, chicken breast, boiled eggs, prawn sambal, yellow noodles, beehoon and other ingredients topped up with hot prawn broth cooked over many hours.

“Part of the preparation includes baking the prawns shells for half an hour. After that we saute the prawn shell with lemongrass, pandan leaves, onions, and chilli boh for about 15 minutes.   

“Then, we add the prawn broth and boil it again for an hour or two. Next, we blend the stock and drain them. Another round of boiling is needed to finally season the broth to be ready for serving. 

“To-date we have also received rave reviews on the Hokkein Mee from guests, even from the Chinese community themselves,” he said.

Do check out Light Hotel Penang’s excellent Hokkein Mee if you are in the area.

As they say “seeing is believing” and in this case “tasting is believing”.

Chef Hamizi with the popular Hokkein mee dish