Josh Tean flanked by Chang (right) and Kamal

Penang Marriott Hotel celebrated the victory of its F&B staff who took part in the recent Battle of the Chefs 2024’s mixologist competitions.

Three members of their team, namely Josh Tean, Evan Chang and Kamal Yusri were proud winners in the various bar-tendering competitions. 

Leading the accolades, resident mixologist Tean, who secured the Best Mixology title, winning a gold medal in the cocktail category and a silver medal in the mocktail category.

The competition drew talented bartenders from across the region, each showcasing their expertise and creativity in crafting both cocktails and mocktails. 

“We are thrilled by the outstanding accomplishments of Josh and our entire mixology team. Their dedication and passion for mixology are evident in their remarkable creations, and these awards are a testament to their hard work and talent.” said Subash Basrur, Complex General Manager of Penang Marriott Hotel.

Chang in action

Among Tean’s gold medal victory was for his cocktail named “Nyonya Sunrise Spritz” and “Childhood Margarita” while he received the silver medal for his mocktail called “Chanteq” and “Fiery Basil Refresher”

This was followed by Evan Chang’s gold medal for his “Baba’s Legacy” and “Pandan Sour Plum Daiquiri”. His received the bronze the medal for his mocktail called “Nyonya Blossom” and “Twisted Virgin Basil Smash”

His colleague, Kamal Yusri won the gold medal for his creation of the “Yamlicious”

The recognition for the team will surely boost their morale to deliver excellent service to their guests. 

You can also look them up to order your favourite cocktail at the hotel’s Great Room located at the lobby of the hotel.

Source – Penang Marriott Hotel


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