Onna (centre) says watercolour painting relieves stress and is good for you

Budding Penang artist Onna Ariya whose an expert in watercolour art pieces gave an insight on how drawing releases stress and why is it so.

She realised this when she started to draw over the weekends as a hobby, which in turn became her full-time job over the past three years.

“What started as painting as a passion has now also turned into my part-time coaching for young students.

“Watercolor is a very forgiving medium and it is very easy to pick up, allowing me to feel the flow of colors through water,” she said.

Onna’s favourite drawings are the nature, especially flowers and koi fishes.

Surreal: A pair of koi fishes on watercolour paint

Images of the koi fish are associated with good fortune or luck and perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose and abundance in Chinese culture.

“I work a lot from home as i conduct workshops as well, therefore I also work at various cafes and sometimes at co-working space.

“My immediate plan for this year was to display and showcase my works in an exhibition.

“Fingers-crossed, that will be my plan for the New Year and hope that I can keep the resolution,” said Onna who was previously a graphics expert.

Presently, Onna has some students who take up private lessons from her and mostly she conducts theme workshops.

Another piece of Onna’s spectacular work

Her creative and realistic works have received rave reviews from family and friends who always encourage her to aim for much higher goals.

“People have been kind enough to give good compliments and feedback about my painting saying that it looks surreal especially on my koi fish paintings.

“The most important thing is when my painting give people pleasure and happiness and that is the biggest compliments to me.”