Office beares of PENSEC

The Penang Security Practitioners Organization (PENSEC) held its annual general meeting recently to elect its new office bearers at the Amari SPICE Penang.

They will now be led by Mohamad Shafiq Muraly Abdullah and his new committee. Their founder is Krishnan Maniam.

Among the programmes at the AGM was a talk by Ms Jenesta Woon who is the Country Business Director, Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd on “Security System Technology” and Inspector Suryana Mohamed on the topic of “Domestic Sexual Violence”. 

The organization was registered in 2001 with a sole objective in upgrading professionalism amongst security personnel across all security sectors in the various business enterprises.

From an initial membership of 20 members, they have now grown to 150 members.

Since 2002, PENSEC has conducted various training programmes and has trained 2500 security personnel mainly from the various manufacturing and supply chain logistic service providers from the silicon valley of the east also known as the Pearl of Mutiara.

The training conducted are in collaboration with PSDC (Penang Skills Development Center) were “fundamentals in security practices”, “mastering effective security practices” and “industrial
investigation techniques”. 

These programmes have received tremendous support from the various manufacturing and supply chain logistics companies to upgrade professionalism amongst security personnel.

They also undertaken various corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects contributing to the well being of security personnel and the community at large.

They have also collaborated with UNIMAP, PSDC, SWISS and other bodies in the continuous pursuit of upgrading professionalism amongst the security personnel. 

In keeping crime at bay, PENSEC has always maintained close rapport and network with the law enforcement bodies.

Last but not least, PENSEC has also organized various study visit tours to organizations in the supply chain managing and forwarding company products with the sole objective in securing the goods till customers’ doorsteps.