Getting to know your Japanese whisky is serious business, meow.

By V. Sivaji

Customer service is an important aspect in any sector and especially more so in the hospitality industry.

With more and more hotels opening up in Penang and across the country, it is vital to keep guests happy by providing that added touch of personal service.

With this in mind, Asiaeuro Wine & Spirits held a training session for some 25 front-line employees of the G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai recently.

On hand to offer tips and guidance was Asiaeuro’s regional sales manager (Northern Region), William Chong.

This time around, the participants were also briefed on the preparation and serving of three premium Japanese whisky namely, Tenjaku, Kaicho Original Japanese whisky and the Kaicho Reserve Japanese Pure Malt whisky.

“Most of the time guests prefer to drink whisky neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water.

“Each composition gives the drinker a different taste and blend of the whisky,” added Chong to the participants.

Meanwhile, the Tenjaku whisky range which is known to have come from the land that surrounds Mount Fuji, home to the finest natural spring water.

It is well rounded and mellow taste comes with a slightly spicy with a hint of white oak and sweetness.

The Kaicho Original Japanese whisky and the Kaicho Reserve Japanese Pure Malt whisky are known for its smooth and well aromas of honey and green apple, the latter gives a subtly smokey and oaky taste with a touch of vanilla and moderate sweet aroma like fruits.

The whisky is distilled in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.