Guillaume Blanchard

Founded in 1978, the Banfi wine range from Italy was founded by Italian-American brothers, John and Harry Mariani in their state-of-the-art winery.

They later teamed up with Italy’s renowned enologist (science and study of wine and wine making and the agricultural endeavours of vine-growing and harvesting), Ezio Rivella to produce vintage wines for the world.

Ironically, the man in charge of promoting Banfi wine range in South Asia is a Frenchman, Guillaume Blanchard, who is the regional manager to oversee the promotion of Banfi wine.

From his base in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam he often jets to surrounding countries in the region to meet with distributors and also appoint new ones.

One such visit was for a Banfi wine tasting cum dinner at the G Kelawai Hotel on Kelawai Road, Pulau Tikus here recently.

This was part of his job scope to meet up with his potential customers and wine lovers to introduce their brands.

He also often advises them and also conducts wine tasting sessions to introduce wine lovers to their products.

Bringing more Italian wines to Asia

Banfi wineyards in Italy

“I am mainly responsible for the marketing in South/South Asia and Australasia and always on the move from country to country.

“Often I am in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and other nearby countries to meet up with distributors and meet up like minded wine connoisseurs to share their views and experience.

“Banfi afficionado’s appreciate certain wines like our Brunello’s and Super Tuscan category.

“For more crowd pleasing wines our Artist Series are very popular (Le Rime Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay) and Col di Sasso (Sangiovese/Cab).

“In Malaysia, our products are imported by EuroAsia who service hotels and restaurants all over the country,” said Blanchard.

It is therefore not surprising that over the years, he has become familiar with many types of Asian food.

“Having grown up around South East Asia, I enjoy a wide variety of Asian cuisines but I never say no to good fishball noodles.

“Besides work, whenever I find sometime for myself, I try to catch up on running or swimming and occasionally when time permits also look to socialize a round of golf,” adds Blanchard.

He also tries to spend as much time with his family wife and son aged two and also his pet dog, “Hiro”.

But most of all, he makes it a point to take time off to spend quality time with his family and travel to new destinations to explore and see new locations.