To further encourage tourists from neighbours across the causeway, the Penang state government has embarked on a brand new campaign.

A delegation led by State Exco for Tourism and Creative Economy, YB Wong Hon Wai accompanied by Penang Global Tourism (PGT) chief executive officer Ooi Chok Yan and their team unveiled the double decker bus wrap around.

The duo are currently leading the Penang delegation to ITB Travel Fair Singapore which will host a pavilion from Penang as well.

“The Department of Statistics (DOS) of Singapore has unveiled insightful data on changing commuting trends in the city-state, revealing an increasing preference among local residents, permanent residents, and expatriates for public transportation when travelling to work and school. 

“With fewer people opting to drive to the office compared to a decade ago, this shift has implications for transportation and environmental strategies. In light of this, Penang, one of the premier travel destinations for Singaporeans, has launched an exciting bus wrap campaign in Singapore. 

“The annual ridership for trains and buses in Singapore totals an astounding 226 million passenger journeys, emphasizing the significance of public transport in the city’s daily life. With Penang being a priority market for Singapore, the campaign aims to further cement the city as a top-of-mind holiday destination for Singaporeans year-round. Additionally, as a prominent financial hub and a sought-after tourist destination in Asia, Singapore offers a prime platform for promoting Penang, targeting not only locals but also tourists and expatriates,” said Wong in a press statement.

The buses which will traverse the Commercial Area, Financial Area, Satellite Area, and Multi-route, will serve as mobile canvases to display Penang’s unique charm and tourism offerings. The campaign is designed to create awareness and elevate the branding of Penang through a diverse range of tourism products.

The bus wrap showcases a voyage through the “6 latest ways” to rediscover Penang, introducing travellers to “The Opposite” and “The Other Side of the island” in Teluk Bahang. It also prominently features the 2023 Michelin Guide, which has 46 exceptional establishments in Penang. These initiatives not only seek to raise awareness but also to bolster Penang’s reputation as an enticing travel destination.

Visitors can also explore themed museums and the Entopia which provides an enjoyable and educational experience for tourists and nature enthusiasts visiting Penang. 

“The state offers a diverse array of attractions, from historical sites to natural beauty and cultural experiences, making it a well-rounded destination for travelers.

“As Penang continues to allure travelers with its rich culture, historical heritage, and diverse attractions, this bus wrap campaign is set to contribute to the growth of tourism between Singapore and Penang.

“With 105 flights per week connecting the two regions through AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, Firefly, Scoot, and Jetstar, Penang remains more accessible than ever,” shared Wong.