Disney Adventure

Disney Cruise Line announced on Saturday that the former Global Dream will debut as the Disney Adventure, and confirmed its plans to deploy the ship to Asia when it starts revenue service in 2025.

Originally ordered for Genting’s Dream Cruises and under construction in Germany at MV Werften, Disney bought the ship in a half-finished state following Genting’s demise in 2022.

The ship will have capacity for approximately 6,000 guests and will come methanol-real.

After repositioning to Asia, the vessel is expected to start its cruise program out of Singapore’s Marina Bay facility.

The Adventure will join the Treasure, debuting in 2024, and a yet-to-be-named newbuild, also debuting in 2025 and a sister to the Treasure and Wish. 

In addition, with the Fantasy, Dream, Wonder and Magic in service, Disney will have eight cruise ships sailing by the end of 2025.

Disney Cruise Line Fleet

Disney Adventure: 208,000 tons, Built in 2025, 6,000 passengers.
Unnamed: 140,000 tons, Built in 2025, 2,500 passengers.
Disney Treasure: 140,000 tons, Built in 2024, 2,500 passengers.
Disney Wish: 140,000 tons, Built in 2022, 2,500 passengers.
Disney Fantasy: 128,000 tons, Built in 2012, 2,500 passengers.
Disney Dream: 128,000 tons, Built in 2011, 2,500 passengers.
Disney Wonder: 85,000 tons, Built in 1999, 1,750 passengers.
Disney Magic: 85,000 tons, Built in 1998, 1,750 passengers.

Source – Cruise Industry News