Connor’s Stout Porter, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Marshall, the renowned British lifestyle brand that has amplified high-quality sound that resonates with music lovers everywhere.

Bringing together the best recipes of what Britain has to offer, this unique collaboration will deliver the finest in both stout and music, all in one exclusive package, offering consumers an entertainment combo unlike any other. The union between Connor’s and Marshall aims to celebrate the shared values of craftsmanship, passion, and innovation that define both brands. Ingrained with the same innate British enthusiasm and a shared vision in delivering exceptional experiences to their customers, this team up promises to create a one-of-a-kind fusion of taste, sound, and enjoyment. Promising to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike once again, these two British buffs are pulling out all the stops and delivering a unique blend of musical tones and a smooth well-bodied stout, that will leave a lasting impression.

With 2,000 units of Marshall Willen wireless portable speakers worth a total of nearly RM1 million up for grabs, consumers will soon be able to amp up their favourite moments. “We are incredibly excited about this collaboration with Marshall,” commented Olga Pulyaeva, Carlsberg Malaysia’s Marketing Director. “Apart from its effortless brilliance in style, Marshall’s superior sound is what brings people together to enjoy the good times.

Ms Olga

Likewise, Connor’s continues to deliver quality stout and cool, modern experiences where consumers can Taste the Good Times. So, by bringing both brands together, we are creating an opportunity for our fans to enjoy the best of both stout and music in a way that is fun and exciting, banding Connor’s and Marshall as the Makers of Good Times.” Through this collaboration, Connor’s has created 2,000 exclusive limited-edition skins for the Marshall Willen; the mighty wireless speaker that is made to go everywhere, making this coveted prize all the more sweeter.

Stout lovers who would like to get their hands on the Marshall Willen will be able rack-up their entries from now until 31 August 2023 by purchasing a can or a half-pint of Connor’s for an entry or a fullpint for two entries at their favourite restaurants, bars, or pubs. At super-hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-Commerce sites, any purchase of one can of Connor’s grants consumers one entry to participate, or they could opt for the full monty and get five entries when they purchase four cans of Connors.

Those who prefer to enjoy their Connor’s at restaurants, bars, or pubs, should keep an eye out for the Connor’s ambassadors, as they will be able to win cool Connor’s or Marshall merchandise by participating in some fun action at over 300 Connor’s outlets. Connor’s will also be having the ‘Shake Challenge’ at over 50 super-hypermarkets where participants will stand a chance to win a nifty
Connor’s and Marshall merchandise.