Popular local Malaysian brand “Cili Kampung”, opened their first outlet in Penang at The Light Hotel Penang here recently.

Being a cherished name in Malaysian cuisine, they are thrilled to announce the official opening of its newest branch.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for Cili Kampung as it brings its renowned Malay culinary delights to the gastronomic capital of Malaysia, offering an  unparalleled dining experience to both locals and tourists.

Embedded in the lively atmosphere of The Light Hotel, Cili Kampung extends a warm invitation to food enthusiasts to explore the rich Malay culinary landscape. 

Known for its commitment to authenticity and the use of high-quality ingredients, Cili Kampung stands as a testament to the colourful and diverse Malay culinary traditions that it is celebrated for. 

Patrons can look forward to savouring a wide range of Malay favourites such as Masak Lomak Hornshell, Masak Kicap Chicken and Sambal Cili Api Squid; each dish bears the hallmark of Cili Kampung’s culinary excellence. 

From the rich and aromac mains to the addictive and mouth-watering sOr-fries and fiery sambals, every recipe is crafted with precision by the experienced chefs, promising an exquisite dining experience that resonates with the true spirit of Malay gastronomy.

Cili Kampung is not just a restaurant; it is a destination that embodies the essence of Malay cooking. The outlet’s design reflects a traditional Malay “kampung” style decor, with tropical greenery, ratan decorations and spacious seating, creating an inviting atmosphere that complements the flavourful journey that Cili Kampung offers. 

It is a place where the hospitality is as warm as the dishes, making every visit a memorable adventure.

“We are excited to welcome diners to our new location in Penang, a region renowned for its rich food heritage,” said Anil, the General Manager for Cili Kampung. 

“It is our pleasure to share the authentic tastes of Malay cuisine with everyone who walks through our doors, and we look forward to making Cili Kampung a beloved culinary landmark in Penang.”

Guests are invited to immerse themselves in a dining experience that celebrates the best of Malay cuisine, set within a space that captures the vibrant essence of Malaysia.

Cili Kampung is a renowned Malay restaurant brand that specialises in authentic Malay cuisine, offering a rich array of local dishes prepared with premium ingredients. With outlets in Hartamas, Suria KLCC, and now Penang, Cili Kampung is dedicated to bringing the diverse and vibrant flavours of Malaysia to diners, wrapped in an experience of warm hospitality and vibrant ambiance.

Do drop by Citi Kampung to experience the authentic flavours and taste of Malaysian cuisine.