airasia Super App

The airasia Super App in making another daring move as one of the top e-hailing players in Malaysia by announcing its full-time employment program for all drivers of its e-hailing arm, airasia ride, which recently marked its first year of operations and just over a month since it offered the same to its delivery riders for airasia food and airasia xpress.

This full-time employment option, also known as the Full-time Drivers, is an enhancement and addition to airasia ride’s current and existing Independent Drivers program.

Effective October 1, 2022, qualified drivers in existing programs, as well as new drivers, will be able to opt for the “Full-time Drivers program” which will enable them to have a monthly base income of up to RM3,500 including fuel benefit and the opportunity to earn a total income of up to RM8,000 with additional drivers incentives scheme, on top of a full suite of Allstar employee benefits including EPF, SOCSO, medical coverage that covers their spouses and children as well, annual leave and other travel benefits such as heavily discounted staff rates for AirAsia flights.

Full-time Drivers will also be given priority airport job assignments to enable them to earn more from airport pick ups and drop offs as travel demand continues to ramp up across the region.

airasia ride, which was established in August last year now has 53,000 registered drivers on its platform and has completed two million rides to date. The fastest growing e-hailing platform in Malaysia has been championing fair fares – to both passengers and drivers alike and always considers what passengers can afford while still compensating the drivers for any extra travel time caused by heavy traffic.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A said, “This is the right thing to do. Our people will always come first. Last month, we became first in the region to offer gig delivery riders a full time job, and today we commemorate airasia ride’s first year in operations by announcing another unprecedented move – to offer all qualified airasia ride drivers full-time employment as well.

“In an e-hailing business, drivers are essentially the most important part of the operation. From day one since we started airasia ride, our priority has always been to take care of our drivers and we are very proud to stay ahead of the game by making this announcement today. Our competitors penalise drivers for not taking jobs which they don’t intend to do, but we see it from another perspective and reward drivers who have shown a good track record and strong commitment to the job by offering them a solid career path with airasia ride.

“Any Independent Driver can opt to become a Full-time Driver with better income, and eventually grow into corporate roles at airasia ride including being a Fleet Manager, Driver Coach, Operations Executive and more. When our drivers become part of the larger Capital A ecosystem by joining us full-time, they get a lot more than just Allstar employee benefits including the ability to have job stability, secured income and better living standards. It’s all about adding value to their lives and career paths – from an e-hailing driver, they can become a cabin crew, a pilot, a data analyst, a digital marketer, part of the corporate office – the skies the limit.

“This is part of our strategy to attract and retain drivers while meeting the surging demand for e-hailing,  and we are happy to welcome all of our drivers into the Allstar family,” added Tony Fernandes.

airasia ride currently operates in eleven (11) locations across Malaysia, and recently launched its offerings in Kota Kinabalu yesterday with much fanfare at an event attended by the Deputy Chief Minister II of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Jeffery Kitingan.

Individuals interested in becoming a full-time driver to transport our e-hailing guests can sign up via Full-time Driver form.