By V. Sivaji

The InterContinental Phuket Resort takes the lead in sustainable initiatives by introducing the first wooden hotel keycards to Phuket in line with reducing the environmental impact on the island.

The resort’s sustainability programme encompasses all-round ‘Green Solutions” based on Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) Green Engage system designed to reduce hotels’ environmental impact.

“As the ban of single-use plastics becomes an industry norm, InterContinental Phuket Resort pushes further to deliver a green alternative with Lvevision Security Technology to protect the safety and security of its discerning guests.

“Sustainable hospitality has become an integral part of every hotelier’s operations. For a luxury resort like InterContinental Phuket Resort, our discerning guests expect transformative travel experiences that add meaning to their stay.

“By pioneering the use of wooden keycards in Phuket, we place a tangible reminder into the hands of our guests that environmental conservation is a daily commitment for everyone,” said Bjorn Courage, General Manager of InterContinental Phuket Resort.

He also added that InterContinental Phuket Resort is committed to significantly reduce its environmental footprint by phasing out plastic use in its daily operations.

“Guestroom amenities are packed in paper boxes, beverages are served without straws while biodegradable straws are available on request and drinking water are glass bottled within its resident water plant.

“A tribute to Phuket’s lush tropical landscape, coconut shells replace flower pots, which can be replanted after use. Recycled bottle caps and stainless steel candle holders are donated to the Vachira Phuket Hospital in aid of the Prosthesis Foundation.

“InterContinental Phuket Resort has also set roots for an edible farm on hotel grounds. Growing herbs and vegetables commonly used in Thailand, the farm allows the supply of fresh, local ingredients to the resort’s dining outlets.

“In line with its philosophy, the ‘farm to table’ process aims to increase guest engagement, in hopes of developing a deeper appreciation for sustainable practices,” added Courage.

Meanwhile, Alex Chow, Director of Product Marketing for Lvevision Security Technology Co. Limited said that the patented product uses North American Hardwood, which are among the most plentiful and well-managed natural resources in the world.

“Hardwood forests regenerate naturally and do not require planting. The preferred method of harvesting is single-tree selection. This provides a sustainable supply and protects the overall health of the forest including water quality, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

“As a result, the volume of hardwood has more than doubled since 1950,” said Chow.