Multi-coloured dresses mark the celebration

Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes called vyshyvankas.

It is celebrated every third Thursday of May. Vyshyvankas are, along with pysankas (traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs) one of the best known symbols of Ukrainian culture.

In celebration of this day, Ukrainians in Malaysia also celebrate this auspicious day.

The World Vyshyvanka Day – an international holiday dedicated to preserving the iconic Ukrainian ‎embroidered clothes as a symbol of the material and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people. 

Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine from more than 100 countries wear ‎vyshyvanka in celebration of this heritage. This year World Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated on 18th May. ‎

The idea of celebrating this day originated in 2006 at Chernivtsi National University by its student Lesia ‎Voroniuk, and gradually became international as The World Vyshyvanka Day.‎

In conditions of war, for the second year in a row vyshyvankas ‎are being worn by the Ukrainian soldiers on the ‎front lines. 

The World Vyshyvanka Day is symbolic and ‎Ukrainians, wearing vyshyvankas, ‎declare that ‎Ukrainians – brave citizens of the independent ‎state, fighting for their freedom.‎

Embroidery is not only a part of national Ukrainian clothes, it is one of the most recognizable elements of ‎Ukrainian heritage, a symbol of freedom and love for Ukraine. Each‎ region of Ukraine has its own traditions of ‎embroidery, ‎symbolic ornament elements. Ukrainian traditional embroidery has more than 300 stitches ‎and 20 techniques. ‎

Vyshyvanka is popular not only on the territory of Ukraine. For many years, embroidered patterns have conquered even world catwalks.

In 2015, vyshyvanka was recognized as the main ‎trend of the year according to the American Vogue magazine. In 2016, The New York Times also gave this ‎status to the Ukrainian national dress. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, when the interest in ‎Ukraine and its culture received a new impetus, Ukrainian vyshyvanka again became a trend in the world ‎fashion industry.‎

Every year, politicians and ‎stars from all over the world wear vyshyvanka. Halyna Shunevych, Ukrainian ‎designer from the Lviv region, creates exclusive embroidery clothing for world leaders. Exclusive ‎vyshyvankas ‎are already in the wardrobe of Boris Johnson, the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, ‎Latvia and Estonia. In March 2023, Mr. Denys ‎Mykhailiuk, Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine to Malaysia, presented to Dato’ Seri ‎Anwar Ibrahim, Prime Minister of Malaysia, a Ukrainian embroidered shirt made by a Ukrainian designer. ‎

‎”Today, vyshyvanka is not only a symbol of Ukraine. This is a symbol of our ‎freedom and identity. Wearing ‎vyshyvanka, we show our unity, bravery and ‎beauty of the Ukrainian soul.”, – Denys ‎Mykhailiuk, Chargé ‎d’Affaires of Ukraine to Malaysia.‎