Sunway University continues to radiate joy and kindness in the festive glow with another “Campus With A Conscience” initiative recently.

Shoebox Christmas, a heartwarming annual event by Sunway Student Volunteers since 2015, aims to provide educational gifts for children and families from marginalised societies.

The use of shoeboxes to contain the gifts is an excellent upcycling solution, contributing to sustainability efforts.

A total of 800 Shoebox Christmas gifts, along with groceries for 139 families, were delivered to nearly 20 local homes by student volunteers, reaching a diverse range of recipients, including those in refugee homes, the Orang Asli community, orphanages, handicapped
associations, single mothers, and B40 families.

The representative of HOPE Worldwide Malaysia, Caesar, said that –   

“The most precious thing was how Sunway students continued to bring gifts to our children and youth even during the pandemic. After a whole year of hard work, Sunway has given a reason for these children and youth to celebrate – Christmas is a season of hope.”

Sunway students have gone above and beyond in the previous years, consistently delivering happiness to many communities.

Continuing in the magical spirit of compassion and the joy of giving observed in other initiatives this festive season, this underscores the University's dedication to extending its impact beyond academia.