Penang state government constantly promoting green agenda

The Penang state government is forging ahead with its green agenda in view of the global climate crisis being felt around the world.

Instances of the current heat wave in Europe and other countries are examples of global warming impact. 

In this context, State Exco for Housing , Local Government, Town and Country Planning, Jagdeep Singh Deo welcomed the initiatives at the “GreenRE’s Green Building Conference 2022” organised by REHDA Malaysia recently.

*Our green agenda in times of the global climate crisis will continue to be prioritized. This includes a sustainable ecosystem, environment, mobility and connectivity and green energy management, which includes the following –

“New buildings to have green features or be certified green, whereby we have expanded such certification to other rating tools; Retrofitting existing buildings with green features.

“Ensuring green spaces and planting of trees – 441,036 trees have been planted to help address rising temperatures.

“Also, having green connectors, including cycling and pedestrian lanes – 200 km have been built followed by the smart parking system where all 36,000 public parking lots now fully operational, reducing carbon footprint. 

“We are also encouraging a transit oriental development and promote the use of public transport, Them, there is the installation of solar panels at public facilities such as government buildings and sports complexes, with 12 buildings completed; whilst also encouraging private buildings to do the same”, said Jagdeep.

He also added that all road lightings to be converted to LED lighting, to-date 60,617 out of 100,000 have been converted.

“In the meantime, we are using new waste management technologies including waste to energy. All of these initiatives have seen a significant carbon reduction and we will ensure not only these initiatives but other initiatives are implemented to address the climate crisis”, concluded Jagdeep.