By V. Sivaji

Penang Governor Tun Ahmad Fuzi Adul Razak graced the tree planting ceremony organised by the Penang Hindu Sabah (PHS) at Penang Hill.

The commendable tree planting ceremony was in conjunction with PHS’s 111th year anniversary celebrations. In keeping with the significant occasion, they planted 111 trees on Penang Hill.

Also present was YB Lim Guan Eng, State Exco for Housing and Environment Dato Seri Sundarajoo Somu, Penang Island City Council Mayor Dato A Rajendran, Senator Dr. Lingeshwaran RA, Dato’ Cheok Lay Leng, general manager of Penang Hill Corporation, PHS president M. Kirubanandan, secretary, Arvind Poobalan  and Muhammad Ezhar Yusuf, Penang State Forestry Director. among others.

The project was dubbed “One1 Tree, One Life”.

The programme was also supported by the Penang State Environmental EXCO, Penang Hill Corporation, Forestry Department of Penang, and Penang Island City Council.

The 1 Tree, 1 Life: 111 Tree Planting Program aims to foster environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

The event was also in recognition of Penang Hill as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site since September 15, 2021 under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.

Sundarajoo, in his  speech, emphasized the program’s alignment with the Penang 2030 Vision. Penang State aspires to plant 600,000 plants by the year 2030, and this tree planting initiative represents a significant step towards that goal.

The symbolic gesture allows individuals to leave a lasting legacy in the form of a thriving tree, which will continue to provide numerous benefits to the environment and the community for years to come.

Meanwhile, Shan Poornam Metal Sdn. Bhd represented by their corporate director, Ms Rose Kuan made a generous donation of RM20,000 towards the project.