In line with their corporate social responsibility and upcoming Christmas, Sun Life Malaysia made a generous contribution to the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF Malaysia).

Sun Life Malaysia, a leading life insurance and family takaful company. 

Some 200 Diabetes Awareness Care Packs consisting of nutritional snacks − oat, granola, chia seeds and nuts and also a fun comic book on diabetes prevention were donated to NKF Malaysia’s patients.

Held in conjunction with World Diabetes Day, this donation is aimed at raising awareness on diabetes prevention and care and helping people who are affected with diabetes avoid further complications through practicing an active and healthier lifestyle. Sun Life Malaysia has been strongly committed to fight diabetes through various partnerships with community groups and organizations such as NKF Malaysia.

“We are deeply appreciative and grateful for this donation from Sun Life Malaysia as this gesture rings true to our beliefs of leading healthier lives. Our patients are blessed with this donation and we hope that these nutritional packs will encourage our patients to eat healthier,” said NKF Malaysia CEO, Chua Hong Wee.

He added that any form of donation, be it big or small, is greatly appreciated as it can help provide patients with the much-needed care and support. More so in unprecedented Covid-19 times where NKF Malaysia is struggling to keep operations running at optimal level.

“It has truly been a tough time for us because our patients, especially those from the lower income groups, are in a vulnerable state and they need all the help that they can get. I hope that more people will lend us a helping hand and help us save more lives.”

Meanwhile, Sun Life Malaysia CEO and President / Country Head, Raymond Lew said that the company has been partnering with worthy organizations, like NKF Malaysia, to champion various diabetes education, awareness and care programme. “At Sun Life, we are committed to helping Malaysians fight diabetes by empowering them to take charge of their health. We hope that this nutritional care packs will help those who may be at risk of developing diabetes type – 2 lead healthier lives in a bid to keep diabetes at bay. We have also included a comic book designed to empower the younger generation with the right knowledge to fight this disease,” he said.

Established since 2013, Sun Life Malaysia has been providing a comprehensive range of life insurance and family takaful solutions products and services to Malaysians across the country to build a financially secure future.