Not everyday one gets to sample authentic Polish food. 

The G Hotel Gurney will feature two Polish chefs to introduce their cuisine, delicacies and desserts.

The buffet dinner promotion will be held from Friday, May 17 to 19, 2024.

It will offer guests a chance to sample authentic Polish food at the hotel’s Cafe 168 from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. 

Chef Marcin Budynek will be joined by his colleague Chef Mariusz Olechno to introduce their traditional and favourite Polish food.

Marcin is a culinary arts master, a graduate of the Poznan Culinary Schools in Poland.

He gained his cooking experience in Spain, Italy, England, Chile, South Africa and in France where he received extensive training in the Culinary Arts School in Compiegne.

One of Marcin’s most influential mentors was Dominique Pootie – former Head Chef for the President Francois Mitterrand. 

His signature forte is an innovative take on Polish Cuisine. Fresh local and regional produce is a frequent ingredient in his kitchen, where the unspoiled nature is Marcin’s true inspiration.

Among his achievement are – host and co-host of popular daytime television cooking shows such as: ‘Dwa zywioly’, Dwie pasje’, ‘Przepis dnia’, ‘Culinaria’, ‘Kawa czy Herbata’, and ‘Pytanie na
sniadanie’, Juror at culinary competitions, Participant of ‘great cook-out events’ of Polish radio stations (Radio Zet, RMF FM, Polskie Radio), Former Head Chef of Hotel ‘Warszawa’ in Augustow and Hotel ‘Bryza’ in Jurata, Founder and the owner of ‘Marcin’s Culinary Academy’, restaurant ‘Bistro Dobra Zmiana’ in Bialystok and ‘Tawerna Fisza’ in Augustow, Founder and currently a vice-chairman of the ‘Klub Szefow Kuchni’, Head Chef and service provider for various Heads of State and official events.

Meanwhile, Chef Mariusz is a culinary enthusiast, educator and author of cookbooks.He is a travel enthusiast and an avid motorcyclist with an unquenchable passion for discovering new flavours and inspirations in Poland and around the world. 

With over 20 years of experience as a chef acquired both nationally and internationally, Mariusz is a man of many passions. 

As the owner and sushi chef of the largest sushi bar chain in Poland – KOKU Sushi, Mariusz has been setting trends in Polish sushi gastronomy for years. 

His openness and warmth make him a figure who enthusiastically brings people together around the table, celebrating both tradition and innovation in the culinary arts. His unwavering passion, knowledge and constant pursuit of excellence make him a leader and authority in the industry.

The promotion is brought with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur.

Call 04-238-0209 for more details or to make your reservations.