VIP guests and designers at the fashion show

Other than tourism, the Kingdom of Thailand is also making big strides in the world of fashion.

Its capital city Bangkok, has undoubtedly been recognized as one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

With incredible attention placed on design, quality and detail, Thai brands have become highly popular among style enthusiasts in Thailand and the rest of the world.

Thailand now has a long list of internationally renowned names in the fashion scene. Fashionistas can fill their wardrobes with the most stylish items, making every street a runway for everyone.

According to the Director of DITP, Worawan Wanwil, –

“VersaThai fashion showcase, part of Think Fashion Think THAILAND campaign, will display Top Thai Fashion Brands 2022. The key theme of this event is VersaThai, which derives from the word “Versatile” where “changeable” and “mix and match” fashions are available for different lifestyles.” This event is specially brought to you by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) and the Royal Thai Embassy, Malaysia”.

Worawan (centre) making his address

The show featured 10 Thai fashion brands with over 80 sophisticatedly designed outfits. They
were categorized into 3 Signature styles, namely:

The Dawn of PRIDE featuring Contemporary Thai fashion. – We showcase costumes inspired by Thai culture and fabrics of the past. They bring the pride of the past to create inspiration for today’s modern fashion. The designs have a modern cut suitable for a variety of occasions. This signature style will be showcased by designers: Mirah, Vertiaire, and De Quarr Community.

The Shining Happiness featuring Everyday Fashion. – Costumes are designed for everyone and for daily use, yet they help to boost confidence, joy and happiness when wearing them. To showcase this signature style, we have designers from Mira, Varithorn, Siri and Shu.

The Bright Future featuring Sustainable Fashion. – These costumes are produced with the concept of Sustainable fashion which refers to clothing that are designed, manufactured, distributed and used in ways that are environmentally friendly. Fashion can be used to make a statement in building a sustainable society. This category is showcased by designers: Bwild Isan and Black Sugar, Yano and SC Grand and Circular

Meanwhile a business networking session was also held to provide business opportunities to potential importers and investors. This will be a huge opportunity to capture the market size of over Ringgit 5 million within this year as the first mover of Thai brands in Malaysia.

To spackle up the event, Keng Tachaya Prathumwan from Thailand, the 1 st runner-up in the Voice of Thailand contest graced the event.

He is an Entertainer, A Performer, Creator and a Fashionista. He has won many awards, including The Coolest Artist of The Year KAZZ Award, Seed Award and Nominee for Best New Artist, and Bang Award.

Models on the catwalk