Multinational semiconductor and technology company, Intel was commended by Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, YB Jagdeep Singh Deo as a shining example for bringing about gender equality among its employees.

Jagdeep was speaking during the opening ceremony during of Intel’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme at the DOME in Komtar.

“As women in industry will be prioritised as we continue being a global industrial hub. I am happy to note that at Intel, which started with a 100 workforce in 1972, and now has 14,000 and with 40% of their workforce being women, for their Women In Zcience (WIZ) programme that nurtures Form 3 students to develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineechrun out talented individuals to serve in the industry.

“We will continue to be the centre of world industry so women in the chain will be given priority. serve,” he added.

The programme saw some 250 students from Form 3 level undergoing STEM programmes to nurture their interest. The initiative is in line with PenangVision 2030.

Meanwhile, Intel’s vast campuses on the island and mainland also churn out talented individuals to serve in the industry.