By V. Sivaji

Every year, the G Hotel brings early Christmas joy for children from the Salvation Army Penang Children’s Home through its annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) project.

The “Time to Give” CSR initiative has been part of the hotel’s way to show a good time for the 20 odd kids from the home.

The hotel last month had launched the annual “A Time to Give” Christmas Charity programme in aid of the children from the Salvation Army Penang Children’s Home.

The wishes of the children were put up for guests and members of the public to contribute. G Hotel also donates gifts and other goodies from their end towards this noble cause. 

Following the closing date, the children were invited to receive and unwrap at the hotel’s G Spot.

Meanwhile, general manager,  Michael Hanratty, delivered a short address marking the occasion. 

“Since its inception 2008, our Christmas charity programme has been a heartwarming tradition aimed at elevating the joyful spirit of the children.

“We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming positive response from both our hotel guests and staff. It brings us great joy and pride to contribute to society and initiatives like this serve as a poignant reminder of the things in life that truly matter,” said Hanratty in his short speech.Among the highlights was the c

arolling and dance performance by the Salvation Army Penang children followed by the unwrapping of presents around the Christmas tree.

Fine variety of food for the kids and guests

The glow in the eyes and the smiles  of the children was enough to  show how much they enjoyed the gathering. 

Most of them received not one, not two but three to four Christians gifts.

The sight of Santa Claud made the occasion even more merrier as the kids received sweets from Santa.

Then, before leaving, they were also treated to a fine high- tea session with lots of fine food and drinks.

Lending support was the various heads of departments.

Heads of departments lending support to the gathering