Wait till you hear them sing!

By V. Sivaji

Malaysiana bands, basically old-school band of the yore that consisted true blue countrymen of various ethnicities are rare. Better yet, those who could belt out great tunes and vocals beating the youngsters.

The Strollers Trio are one such example. Headed by Bala, Bonnyface Jeremiah and Azmi Pak Lang, they can easily knock your socks off with their mastery in good music.

Be it, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hindi–and even Latin, standing applauses are often always the case wherever they performed.

With a combined age of over 200 years between them, the three men are an embodiment of prowess, stamina, showmanship unseen of this day and age.

Lead vocalist Bala, 72, is a former Tenaga Nasional Berhad staff and moonlighted as a performer while working for the national electricity company before.

He says the band had stayed together for the love of music and a way to blow off some steam. He said it helps that he gets to meet more people by performing at private gatherings, birthdays, and corporate events.

Bala lists singers such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and Eric Clapton as his top loves in the music industry and can easily come up with cover versions of their songs.

Bonnyface, 74, is a well-known musician who began his gigs in the sixties performing alongside Colour Phases, Old Timers, Country Lads, Pin Heads and many more.

Sixty-four year-old Azmi is the lead guitarist and lends his voice in the band and was formerly with USM.

The Strollers’ are eager to perform wherever you go so give them a call at 016-466-0954.

Penang Hyperlocal wishes Strollers Trio all the best in their future undertakings.