Field trip

The food and beverage teams from the Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa and the Golden Sands Resort had a new experience to visit an organic farm to learn more about how the vegetables are grown and cared for.

The Baba Study and Research Organic Farm in Simpang Ampat on the mainland grows a variety of vegetables using a green methods.

While there, the team had a chance to learn more about sustainable farming and healthier eating habits.

The field trip was part of the resort’s Rooted in Nature programme.

First-hand experience for the team

The group also had fun tending to soil with organic fertilizers, harvesting pumpkins and berries from the seven-acre organic farm. 

Joining the trip were two mixologists from Rasa Sayang who did a short video of themselves crafting their new cocktails, namely the “Eco Farmers: and the “Nature’s Heaven” which were infused with fresh berries, beetroot and lime harvested from the farm.

We surely hope that they put the new cocktailsĀ on their drink menu for guests real soon.

Organic cocktails anyone ?