Excellent Achievements by Yap (third from left) one of Top scorers in the World

By V. Sivaji

Disted College Penang celebrated the achievements of its top performing student who have brought fame and recognition as an institution of higher learning in the country.

One of their students, Yap Jiong Yan was recently presented with the “Top in the World Award” for securing the highest marks in the Cambridge International Examination at AS Level for Mathematics.

Yap Jiong Yan

“I am incredibly thankful to Disted College for providing a great environment to study.

“The amazing lecturers here have effectively delivered the course content in an easy-to-understand manner, doing so in the shortest time possible so that I felt prepared to tackle the examinations,” said Yap.

He also added that being on the top is not easy as he had to compete with thousands of other students who also sat for the same exam.

“Studying at Disted College has given me a taste of what it is like to study in a university environment.

“More importantly, the new content I have learnt in A-Levels served as a vital bridge between the O-Level syllabus and university, enabling me to be able to go through a smoother transition at university.

“In future I will pursue my studies in the field of computer science in United States,” said Yap when sharing about his future plans.

Another top achiever from the college was Tan Ruey Fern who had scored the highest marks in the Malaysia for English language subject.

She plans to pursue her studies in Philosophy and Linguistics in United Kingdom after completing her A-Level.

“I love to study language. I would like to learn more about the aspects of language including the semantics, the structure and how people understand language,” Tan added.

The winning students who achieved exceptional results in the Cambridge examinations are expected to be recognised on Nov 21, 2019 at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony held at Vintage Ballroom, Holiday Villa Hotel Subang Jaya.

Dr Seah, president and CEO of Disted College Penang

“Indeed, we’re all very proud of Jiong Yan’s exceptional achievement in the recent A-Level exam. In fact, our overall A-Level examination achievement is amongst the best in recent years.

“This is testament that the College and its academic team has worked hard and diligently to guide our students in their learning and teaching process. Producing top achievers has always been the outcome of our continuing achievements,” said Dr Seah Soo Aun President & CEO of Disted College Penang.