Cocktail workshop at the Farquhar Bar

Cocktail lovers take note.

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O) is holding its cocktail tasting session by sommelier Mattia Coppo at the Farquhar Bar on June 16, 2023 from 4pm.

He is a trained and knowledgeable expert who makes your drinks more enjoyable.

Coppo is a well-known bartender, brand ambassador, and spirits consultant specialized in developing cocktail strategies for Italian spirit producers and other industry players.   

The one-day event will be a perfect gathering for beginners as well as seasoned drinkers to learn a thing or two.

Come and join him for a cocktail workshop and learn the craft of mixing two Italian aperitivos. Catch him later in the evening at his guest shift and enjoy cocktails crafted by Mattia himself. 

For bookings and further enquiries, please contact 04-2222 151 / 016-4198379 / 016-4198923 or email [email protected]

Farquhar Bar