Phee and founders of Angel Community Enterprise at the ribbon cutting ceremony

Four young entrepreneurs with noble aspirations have embarked on a community centre which will serve to help the underprivileged communities like single mothers, disabled people (OKU), young entrepreneurs, women and those stricken by poverty.

The four commendable ladies are Jazz Tan, Desline Teoh, Chan Kar Yee and Kinki Tan.

The community centre is called ” Angle  Community Enterprise ” and is located at 211, Hutton Lane,  Georgetown.

Present to launch the community centre was State Exco for Environment and Welfare, Phee Boon Poh.

The centre will serve to offer food and other homemade products for sale to the public. The centre will also bear the manpower manning the outlet, rental and marketing. Patrons have a choice to either dine-in or takeaway.

Members of the public lending support

In commending the founders of the centre, Phee also contributed RM2,000 towards the centre and saluted the initiative.

“It is great to see young members of the community taking the lead to help the needy community. This is the perfect example of the young and old working together for the benefit of the community.

“It also helps to preserve our traditional food and help needy people to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic,” added Phee.

He later joined hands to perform a ribbon cutting ceremony and toured the premises.

Lending support was a full turnout of Parti MUDA members here.

The centre is also open to non-governmental organisations (NGO), associations, startups and young entrepreneurs who need a space for meetings or to run programmes without the worry of rental.

So, if you are around the area, go support them to buy their food products and do your bid towards the community.

Phee speaking at the opening ceremony