Penang GH

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society Malaysia provided 10 canopies and PPEs to the Penang General Hospital.

The initiative by Tzu-Chi which has continuously donated medical equipment to hospitals will surely help the hospitals to treat covid-19 patients with peace of mind. the patients.

They also provided 960 pieces of Rapid PCR test kit, 1950 pieces of Coverall, 3000 pieces of N95 face mask to the Penang General Hospital. 

This also included 2000 pieces of isolation gown, 3000 pieces of N95 face mask to the adjacent field hospital. 

Tzu-Chi volunteers will also set up 10 canopies on the walkway to provide shade for patients and medical personnel. 
It is everyone’s duty to help Penang brace the pandemic. 

They were led by their commissioner Dato Khoo Boo Leong and team.

“Seize every opportunity to do good deeds, and we will lead a life with no regrets” – Jingsi Aphorism by Ven. Master Cheng Yen

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