Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Mula starts food delivery in Penang

By V. Sivaji

Embracing the new norm, MULA Eats is the new player in the online food delivery service industry.

They now join the likes of popular brands like Foodpanda and GrabFood for online order and delivery of food to customers.

Customers will have the choice of their favourite meals to order from for their breakfast, lunch or dinner in Penang.

Being a new player in the market, they welcome merchant-partners to widen their scope of business.

“MULA Eats is an on demand food ordering platform that connects customers with local restaurants and facilitates food delivery.

“We transform the way you order food. We partner and help local restaurant owners to grow their businesses, stay ahead in a changing industry and make hungry customers happy.

“We deliver the food you love, right to your door within the estimated time,” read their corporate statement.

The Penang based group also plans to venture into the Klang Valley in the near future.

The MULA group also runs a vast fleet of cars and luxury MPVs in their transport division.

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